Monday 4 July 2022
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Craigyhill Bonfire – Possibly The Biggest Yet

Craigyhill bonfire has to be the biggest bonfire I have seen yet, going by the amount of pallets and height. There is over 15000 pallets in the bonfire, that’s 286 pallets high.
There is also a beacon sitting on the very top of the bonfire.

These lads didn’t use a forklift to lift the pallets, they brought in the big guns – a crane which that itself is 150 feet at near stretch.

The lads still had 1000 pallets sitting on the grass.

No matter what you think of the bonfire you can’t deny that’s some amount of work and commitment the lads have put in to building this beast of a bonfire.
Well done.

The image above is what the bonfire looked like 19 hours ago .

The below video was posted 16 hours ago.

The below video was posted 13 hours ago.

This is what the bonfire looks like now

Please click here to view Craigyhill Bonfire Facebook Page

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