Wednesday 6 July 2022
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Twelfth alcohol message ‘on the road’ with bus campaign

Posters are to feature on a number of Metro buses in Belfast highlighting a campaign to counter the over indulgence of alcohol on the Twelfth of July.

Last month, the County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast launched the ‘It’s about the Battle, not the Bottle’ initiative ahead of the annual parade in the capital city.

County Grand Master George Chittick was joined at the poster unveiling by Belfast City Lord Mayor, Brian Kingston.

Mr Chittick said: “Advertising on public transport is the latest component of the ongoing campaign to highlight our message regarding the responsible consumption of alcohol on the Twelfth.

“At the Twelfth of July we celebrate victory at the Boyne. It’s not about getting drunk.

“With this year marking the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, I would once again appeal for all those participating in or spectating at our demonstration to act in a manner befitting of the occasion.”

A number of billboards, located in various locations across the city, are also raising awareness of the alcohol campaign.

Article taken from the Orange Order

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