Wednesday 6 July 2022
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North Tyrone News…Further attacks last night on Strawletterdallon Orange Hall

Further attacks last night on Strawletterdallon Orange Hall outside Newtownstewart.

Rising sectarianism is the most likely reason behind the North Tyrone attacks on the community based Orange Hall outside Newtownstewart. The hall was attacked for a second time last night, the venue is a success story in the area and a hub of local activity, pipe band practice, a choir, the local young farming group and the junior Orange age 7 years to 15, where set to gather to play football. These are just some of the people who had been set to use the hall this week.

Just the religion of the people is sadly enough to create a hatred that’s turned into an attack on the property and the community that uses the hall. The activity against County Tyrone Orange Halls over the past few years is deep rooted and a real problem coming from some sections of the community and once again has resurfaced. Some people from the area have said that sectarian overtones have been increasing in the past few years against protestant businesses in the area and have largely been ignored or looked upon as vandalism when many are questioning now the link to this attack being evidence of deep rooted problem .

Article taken from West Ulster Bands Forum

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