Wednesday 6 July 2022
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Review of the Ulster Division

Belfast City Hall
9th May 2015

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for expressing an interest in joining with us as we mark the march past of Belfast City Hall by the 36th (Ulster) Division on the 8th May 1915.

All those taking part should note the four principles the organisers are obliged to adhere to;

1. Commemorations/Events had to be based on fact.
2. Communities should develop evidence based activities which give people an in depth understanding after considering what the broader implications are of their event.
3. Recognise and respecting different perceptions/impacts.
4. Work towards outcomes which provide a better understanding for all.

In addition we ask that all participants and indeed those watching to do nothing which would besmirch the name of our forefathers. Lastly we would ask all to observe a strict no alcohol policy.


Date: 9th May 2015
Assembly time: 9.45
Gathering points: See below
Start time: 10.30
Route: See below
Length of parade: 4 miles
Parking (buses/cars): Designated parking in the Titanic Quarter
Finishing point: Dee Street Bridge
Buses for departure: Sydenham Road

There will be a designated parking area within the Titanic Quarter for buses and cars belonging to participants. All buses should be clearly marked with the county they are travelling from/to followed by who is travelling on their bus.

Arrangements are being made in conjunction with the Harbour Police/PSNI to ensure the traffic measures put in place operate as efficiently. More details will follow once finalised.

Gathering points:

Dunlambert Park – 36th (Ulster) Division Memorial Association
York Park/Crescent/Drive – 2016 Committee
Premier Drive – Independent LOI/UUP/Others
Northwood Road/Parade – ABOD
St Vincent/St Aubyn St – UDU
Grove Playing Fields – GOLI
Councillors (Red Robes) – Ulster University

Route of parade:

Fortwilliam Park
Shore Road
York Road
Dock Street
Nelson Street
Great Patrick Street
York Street
Royal Avenue
Donegall Place
Donegall Square North
Wellington Place
College Square East
Howard Street
Donegal Square West
Donegall Square North
Chichester St
Victoria St
Queens Square
Oxford Street
Bridge End
Middlepath St
Newtownards Road
Dee St

More information will follow in the next bulletin.

Contact details:

This event is being organised by the 36th (Ulster) Division Memorial Association on behalf of the Unionist Centenary Committee.

Article taken from the Unionist Centenary Committee

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