Wednesday 10 August 2022
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Critics Call Toronto 200th A Triumph

After years of planning and two more years of Covid delays. The County Orange Lodge of Toronto was finally able to hold its 200th annual 12th of July celebrations. Heading the celebrations were three bands from Co Donegal, Irelan. Flanked with friends and supporters, and joined by Brothers and Sisters from Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The streets of Toronto were alive with flutes, pipes, and drums. After the parade the festivites continued on the grounds of the Loyal True Blue and Orange Home about 40 minutes north of Toronto in Richmond Hill.

The guests were treated to several band performances along with poutine, sweet corn, hamburgers, and hotdogs. The food was as tasty as it was plentiful and no one left hungry. The overall success of the day is to be credited to the 200th Parade Committee lead by the County Master of Toronto; Rt Worshipful, the Reverend Dennis Glazier. He and his small team of dedicated volunteers pulled of a masterful day that was besieged on all sides by circumstances that while beyond their control, were masterfully overcome.

It was a truly exceptional da with many new friendships formed and memories forged. Thank you friends near and far that chose to make the Toronato 200th a part of their summer plans. It was a memorable event that will not soon be forgotten.


Article taken from the Facebook Page

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