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County Grand Orange Lodge of Central Scotland


Saturday July 7th, 2018
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Shotts, Scotland United Kingdom + Google Map


County Grand Lodge of Central Scotland

Type of Event:

Boyne Demonstration

Please Note: the below list of lodges and bands is not the order of parade.

Proposed Route:

Brandy Park,
Tulloch Road,
Melford Avenue,
Springhill Road,
Stane Road,
Main Street,
Station Road,
Shottskirk Road,
Calderhead Road.

Participating Lodges

01) Saunderson Memorial LOL 190,
02) Coatbridge District 22,
03) Coalburn Purple Pioneers LOL No.80 – Larkhall Orange and Purple District LOL 41,
04) Craigneuk Undaunted Purple Heroes LOL 68,
05) Whifflets Chosen Few LOL 306,
06) Airdrie LOL No.6,
07) LOL No.282 & LLOL240,
08) Saunderson Chosen Few LOL 241 – Hamilton Orange & Purple District 55,
09) Blantyre Orange & Purple District LOL 33,
10) LOL No.110 AND LLOL No.242 – Hamilton Orange & Purple District 55,
11) LOL 159; LLOL 123; AND LLOL 209 – Hamilton Orange & Purple District 55,
12) Falls of the Clyde Covenanters LOL 405 – Larkhall Orange and Purple District LOL 41,
13) Duke of Manchester LOL No.143 – Larkhall Orange and Purple District LOL 41,
14) Richard Cameron Memorial LOL No.93 – Larkhall Orange and Purple District LOL 41,
15) Larkhall Purple Defenders LOL No.193 – Larkhall Orange and Purple District LOL 41,
16) Strutherhill Truth Defenders LOL No.79 – Larkhall Orange and Purple District LOL 41,
17) David Steel of Skellyhill Memorial LOL 165 – Larkhall Orange and Purple District LOL 41,
18) Newmains Purple Star LOL No.56 & LLOL No.126

More to be confirmed

Participating Band:

01) Andrew Murphy Memorial Flute,
02) Armadale Flute,
03) Cambuslang Britannia Flute,
04) Craigneuk True Defenders Flute,
05) Drumaheagles Young Defenders Flute,
06) Drumgelloch Bible & Crown Flute,
07) Fallin Crown Defenders Flute,
08) Heart of Midlothian Flute & Netherton Road Flute,
09) Sandyhills Olde Guard Flute,
10) Saltcoats Protestant Boys Flute
11) Ballymacall True Blues Flute,
12) Newtown Defenders Flute,
13) Ulster Grenadiers Flute,
14) Carrickfergus Defenders Flute,
15) Larkhall Purple Heroes Flute,
16) Ulster First Flute,
17) Pride of the Hill Flute,
18) Newmains Loyalists Flute

Ahoghill Loyal Sons of William Flute,
ALex Allan Memorial Flute,
Allanton No Surrender Flute,
Ardrossan Winton Flute,
Broxburn Loyalists Flute,
Constable Anderson Memorial Flute,
County Flute,
Craigneuk Imperial Ladies Flute,
Greenock Grenadiers Flute,
Kellswater Flute,
New Stevenston Loyal Flute,
Pride O’ The Grange Volunteers Flute,
Pride of Bargeddie Flute,
Pride of Motherwell Flute,
Pride of the Hill,
Prince of Orange Flute,
Kellswater Flute,
Pride of the Village Flute, Thornliebank,
Shieldhill Young Defenders Flute,
Stirling Protestant Boys Flute,
Whinhall True Blues Flute,
Whitburn Flute,

more to be confirmed

If your lodge / band is participating in this parade please leave a comment below.

  1. I have only listed the lodges and bands that I know that are attending through knowing myself or confirmation from that lodge / band.

  2. Could you please tell me a good place to park my Motorhome to watch the parade, this would be my first visit. I’m travelling over from Northern Ireland.
    Regards Del.

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