Orange Order plans to restart parades in July

A number of Orange Order and loyalist parades are being planned for the streets across Glasgow next month.

There have been no parades taking place during the pandemic with public gatherings banned but with restrictions easing nine requests have been submitted to the council so far for marches in July.

Some include hundreds of people but numbers will depend on the level of restrictions in place in Glasgow at the time.

On Thursday July 1 there are three parades from loyalist bands planned .

Two days later on Saturday 3 July, there are five parades planned by Orange lodges in different parts of the city.

So far, there are no applications in for any marches to mark the Orange Order’s annual Boyne celebrations.

Last year when the UK went into lockdown the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland suspended all lodge meetings and parades and functions with immediate effect.

The first parades include events in Dennistoun, Govan, Easterhouse and Nitshill.

Dennistoun Rangers plan to march to Alexandra Parade in the early evening to lay a wreath at the cenotaph. The number of people estimated to take part is 44.

Around the same time, the Pride of Govan Flute Band plan to march to a cenotaph in Govan Road to lay a wreath. It estimates there would be 60 people taking part.

Also, the Provanhall True Blues want to march a route in Easterhouse on the same evening with 50 people estimated. And the Young Loyalist Flute Band wants to hold a parade in Nitshill to lay a wreath at the cenotaph in the area with 35 people.

On the Saturday five district lodges have applied to hold parades, some with hundreds of participants.

Dalmarnock Orange and Purple District No. 50 wants to parade through Bridgeton with 70 people.

Kelvingrove Orange and Purple District 29 wants to march along to lay a wreath at the cenotaph at Kelvingrove with 100 participants.

Loyal Orange Institution Govan District 42 is planning to parade to Govan Road to lay a wrath with 500 people taking part.

Parkhead Orange and Purple District 21 is planning to march to Parkhead Cross with 200 people.

Whiteinch Orange and Purple District no. 7 is preparing to march from, along Dumbarton Road with around 80 people.

If Glasgow remains in level two restrictions, numbers would be restricted to 50 people and the time limited to one hour.

Published on the 5th of June 2021
Article taken from the Glasgow Times

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