NI Protocol: Carrickfergus lodge warns of ‘greatest crisis’

Northern Ireland is facing its greatest crisis in 100 years, according to the Orange Order’s Carrickfergus District.

LOL No.19 made the claim in a statement today (Thursday) opposing the Brexit-related protocol arrangements.

The statement issued to the Carrick Times read: “Carrickfergus District LOL No 19 would like to place on public record our complete opposition to the Northern Ireland Protocol. We also re-affirm our total commitment to the maintenance of the Union.

“This year of 2021 should be one of great celebration as we look back on the glorious history of our beloved country over the past 100 years. Instead, we are facing the greatest crisis since its formation.

“The NI Protocol is an act of absolute betrayal of the Unionist community and our position as an integral part of the United Kingdom by all those that agreed to it and those who fail to do all within their power to stop it.”

The lodge went on to throw down a challenge to Unionist representatives.

“Carrickfergus District Lodge is totally dismayed to witness the lip service opposition to the protocol from the main Unionist parties who take no practical action to bring about its end. The lack of political leadership is astounding and reflects how out of touch they are with the community that elects them.

“Carrickfergus District Lodge call on all Unionist parties to unite and defeat the implementation of EU laws through the Stormont Assembly so that we can once again enjoy as equals our position within the Union.”

Published on the 3rd of June 2021
Article taken from the Carrickfergus Times

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