Growing Anger – County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast

The County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast adds its voice to the growing anger and disgust at the failure, by those responsible for enforcing the law, to hold anyone to account for the blatant disregard for Covid regulations at the funeral of Bobby Storey.

A Sinn Fein law breaking farewell to a leading Republican terrorist has taken place with immunity from prosecution. Sinn Fein appealed online for members to attend; thousands formed a guard of disgrace, resplendent in white shirts and black ties; with the leadership clearly on show – clearly a well organised event. Yet there was no evidence – only the video footage in which everyone can be clearly identified. The question must be asked of the PSNI, why was only a small number recommended for prosecution?

It now appears the PSNI were informed of the funeral details and facilitated the event through their non-attendance. The PPS claim there was confusion over the regulations, not by the law-abiding families who obeyed the regulations.

The actions of the PSNI, the decision not to prosecute and the cover up by Belfast Council need to become the subject of an independent led public enquiry such is the seriousness of this situation.

As a County we have engaged with the PSNI, yet that didn’t stop prosecutions, which resulted from serious police mistakes; for Republicans, engaging with the PSNI is now a mitigation against prosecution.

The PPS excuse that the law was confusing, is unbelievable in that some of the accused were involved in making those same laws.

Belfast County Grand Lodge, over the coming period will review their engagement with the PSNI, taking account of how they and the PPS rectify this unacceptable two-tier approach that appears to continually favour Republicanism.

Published on the 1st of April 2021
Article taken from the County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast Facebook Page

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