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Over the past year, all law-abiding citizens across the community have faithfully adhered to a wide range of Covid restrictions. It hasn’t always been easy. Civil and religious liberties have been radically curtailed.

As an organization, we have suspended all our parades and public demonstrations. We have done that because it was morally and legally right.

We are therefore extremely angered by the PPS decision not to prosecute leading Republicans over the Bobby Storey funeral. The rationale for this decision is so utterly pathetic that is has plunged us into another major political crisis.

The PSNI have serious questions to answer over their handling of the funeral, both prior to the event and on the day itself. We would support calls for the Chief Constable, Simon Byrne, to resign. As further evidence emerges, it is clear that his position is completely untenable.

It is palpable nonsense for the PPS to assert that the covid regulations were unclear. They have been perfectly clear to the many ordinary decent people who, when bereaved, have not been able to say farewell to their loved ones in the normal way.

Not for the first time in Ulster, it seems that there is one law for Republicans and one law for the rest of us.

Levels of anger are already high over the EU Protocol and Westminster action on abortion, and this latest development has made matters a lot worse. We are in a dangerous place.

James Anderson
Imperial Grand Master
Independent Loyal Orange Institution
31 March 2021

Published on the 31st of March 2021
Article taken from the Independent Loyal Orange Institution Facebook Page

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