Update from the Provincial Grand Master

Update from the Provincial Grand Master Bro Steve Kingston HDGM
To our members and supporters we hope you are all trying to remain positive at this time. The latest update we can provide is as follows.

Due to the Current Guidance from HM Government and the Grand Orange Lodge of England, which is in place, we must follow the road map set out by the Prime Minister recently.

The Liverpool Provincial Officers have concluded that we have no option but to cancel parades until stage 4 takes place when restrictions are hopefully largely lifted. Therefore, St Georges Day and Whit Monday (including any other) parades before then will sadly not be able to take place this year.

It is our sincere hope that parades and meetings will be able to take place from the 1st July 2021 (at the earliest). This is dependent upon the progress of the stages of the road map; when Stage 4 is implemented and permission being given from the Government and the Grand Lodge.

A further update will be issued once we are aware of this.

In the meantime we hope you and your families all remain safe we look forward to the day we can celebrate our Orange culture once again.

Published on the 16th of March 2021
Article taken from the Liverpool Provincial Grand Orange Lodge Facebook Parade

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