Grand Orange Lodge of England Statement

Statement in Support of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland

We within the Loyal Orange Institution of England fully support the statement issued by the MWGM and his Officers of the Loyal Orange Institution of Ireland in regards to the recent dispute over the Irish Sea Border issue, instigated by the European Union.

During the Brexit campaign, we expressed our views on the importance of the position of the United Kingdom being protected as one body (as established in law in 1920).

We expressed both by correspondence and in face to face talks with MP’s, Lords and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland that these were devious methods to destabilize the United Kingdom. It was with great regret that during last December that Parliament rushed through the Brexit Bill, they allowed this, shambolic legislation through both Houses knowing full well that the EU, would at the first opportunity invoke the” Border in the Irish Sea”.

We are extremely pleased that at last the various Unionist parties are showing solidarity on this issue. We should look at this as the last straw, and that a united stance on defending the Union is vital, especially in this the centenary year of the founding of Northern Ireland .

Unionists and Protestants from throughout the United Kingdom should show a loud voice against any moves to push the Province any closer with Dublin which as we know is the ultimate goal of Sinn Fein and their cohorts, and also those within the nationalist community who favor a united Ireland.

The L.O.I.E will be only too willing to work alongside both the Grand Lodges of Ireland and Scotland to oppose any efforts to disrupt the current status that is so dear to our hearts.

Bro W R Bather
MWGM Grand Orange Lodge of England

Published on the 12th of February 2021
Article taken from Grand Orange Lodge of England Facebook Page

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