Details for Bands and Supporters Regarding The Parade

Band Statement

Ladies and gentlemen

For those bands who are attending this weekend.

Once your band bus/convoy arrives please send 1 member of the band into the club to liase with a CYC MEMBER. We wont be hard to find as we will be in HIGH VIS vests. On arrival you will receive your risk assessment form and then allocated a specific area before you march of.

At no point will bands pass each other. IF!!!! bands happen to come face to face, the return band takes priority, the going band will be asked to spilt, mount the paths and simply clap until the band passes. We do not see this happening although this is what you will do incase it does.

This is the 1st multi band mass parade since covid struck. We ask you to bare with us, help us and please abide by the governments rules. This could be the new regs for the band scene so we have to start somewhere.

Thank you to all the bands that are coming, we hope to set the standard for the rest of the band scene.


At no time should supporters follow any of the bands. You will see the route stated underneath, please stay in your gardens and enjoy the bands as they pass. Just like you did on the 13th of July.

There will be a larger gap than usual between bands, and at no stage will bands pass each other.

Any further questions please contact the band.

Quis Separabit

Published on the 13th of August 2020
Article taken from Cloughfern Young Conquerors Facebook Page

Please click the below event (link) to view the parade details.

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