Flags Ripped Down and Burnt

Lodge Statement

Over the past few days we have had reports of the theft of flags from around the village. The remains of some such flags have been found burnt around our own Orange Hall.

We would like to go on record to ask these people what have they got to offer the community of Glenanne?

While they work to divide communities and create tension and strife where there is none, we as a lodge and a community will continue our work in Glenanne. We will not be deterred.

We delivered hampers to the elderly and vulnerable during the pandemic, what have you done?

We gave up our time to collect and deliver vulnerable people’s groceries during the pandemic, what have you done?

We invested our time and money to create a community space in our community Glen project, what have you done?

You have nothing to offer Glenanne or any area for that matter.

Despite your actions of intolerance and disrespect, we will continue our work within the community and for the community.

Glenanne Crown Prince LOL 133

In the community, for the community.

Published on the 13th of August 2020
Article taken from Glenanne Crown Prince LOL 133 Facebook Page

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