Tricolours painted on Ahoghill Church

A sectarian paint attack on Ballyscullion Church of Ireland in Ahoghill has been condemned.

TUV Alderman Stewart McDonald: “Last night some mindless vandals painted tricolours on a number of a number items of public property including kerb-stones in Ahoghill.

“Such childish behaviour will soon be cleaned up but altogether more sinister is what happened at Ballyscullion Church of Ireland where an Irish tricolour was painted on the back of the building.”

He added: “Everyone knows that the tricolour is the chosen symbol of the PIRA who murdered Protestants in Northern Ireland for 30 years. This action is therefore deeply sectarian and threatening.

“I would appeal for anyone who witnessed anything suspicious last night to contact police so that those responsible for this intimidation can be brought to justice.”

Published on the 16th of July 2020
Article taken from the Ballymena Guardian

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