70th Anniversary Parade Cancelled

Band Statement

I think it comes with no surprise that we are left with no option other than to cancel our 70th Anniversary band parade which was due to be held on Saturday 13th June 2020.

With social distancing looking like it will be in place for some time and strict guidelines on social gatherings then we like many others find ourselves in the situation of having to withdraw the permit. We are devastated that it has unfortunately come to this not for it just being our 70th Anniversary but as the date of our parade fell exactly 5 years to the day since we lost our founding member Jimmy Dunsmore.

We would like to thank all 31 bands that had agreed to come and take part in our anniversary parade. We hope to re-schedule the parade for next year but the band members and the bands committee are still in early discussions but once something has been agreed then we will release any new information we have.

In the meantime please everyone take care, stay safe and look after your families in these difficult and challenging times.

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Published on the 5th of May 2020
Article taken from Camlachie Loyal Star Facebook Page

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