Belfast flute band holds birthday parade for nursing home resident (95)

An east Belfast flute band has paraded to a local nursing home to celebrate an emotional 95-year-old resident on her birthday.

Braniel Loyal Flute Band played ‘Happy Birthday’ to a tearful Ina McNeill and presented her with flowers outside Giboney House Residential Home after parading through through the Cregagh Estate in what her granddaughter described as “a Twelfth none of us will ever forget”.

“Nanny has always loved the Twelfth and it’s always made even more special because it’s also her birthday,” said Dauna Orr Armstrong.

Mrs McNeill’s family were unable to celebrate her birthday the usual way due to coronavirus and Mrs Orr Armstrong asked her son’s band would any of them be able to play for their Nanny.

“Turns out the whole band were willing to come and play for her. It was such a fantastic thing for them to do and for us as her family, to see her reaction was priceless. This is one Twelfth of July none of us will forget.”

A spokesperson for the east Belfast band said they were more than willing to parade for Mrs McNeill. “It’s people like the birthday girl who have made this country the way it is today.

“It’s always nice to give something back to a community as they are very supportive of us as a band,” they said.

Published on the 12th of July 2020
Article taken from the Belfast Telegraph

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