Orange Order appeal: ‘If you see a band this Twelfth, don’t follow them’

The Grand secretary of the Orange Order, Mervyn Gibson, has appealed for people to stay at home around July 12th to help fight coronavirus.

This morning Rev Gibson, speaking to the BBC, said the situation was “very simple”.

“We know that crowds can spread coronavirus, so we don’t want to be responsible for bringing a parade on to the street,” he said.

“This year the Twelfth is about everyone’s health. You have to understand why we cancelled the parades. Parades attract large crowds.”

Mr Gibson said some outdoor music was expected, but that people should not gather away from their homes to enjoy it.

“[Bands men] will simply be going into a village or an estate or a street and playing some music,” he said.

“We would be saying to everyone to stay at your door, stay at your garden, listen to them and enjoy, but if you see a band, please don’t follow them.”

Published on the 18th of June 2020
Article taken from the Newsletter

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