Sectarian Graffiti Sprayed on Orange Hall

Early on Saturday morning Dunmurry True Blues L.O.L 1046 erected a banner on Dunmurry Orange Hall voicing their support for the HNS staff and keyworkers and by lunchtime on Monday red graffiti had been sprayed on the side of the hall supporting the Continuity Irish Republican Army.

The brethren of Derriaghy District No.11 are no strangers to sectarian attacks and abuse. It is a sad reality that we and our supporters have come to accept over the years as a price we pay for expressing our beliefs and culture in an area with a rapidly changing demographic.

However THIS was not an expression of Protestantism, Unionism or Orangeism, it was simply a group within the local community who wished to express their gratitude for the sacrifices that the NHS and keyworkers are making for EVERYONE in that community.

Despite the small mindedness, ignorance and sectarian hatred of the individual who broke lockdown restrictions to perpetrate this act the brethren of Dunmurry True Blues L.O.L 1046 and Derriaghy District as a whole will not be shaken in our support of the heroes saving lives and ensuring vital services are delivered during this crisis.

Stay home. Save Lives. Protect the NHS.

Published on the 12th of May 2020
Article taken from Derriaghy District LOL No.11 Facebook Page

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