Cairncastle Cancels Parade

Band Statement

It will come as no surprise to anyone that we are cancelling our parade this year. Hopefully we will be back next year.

We would also like to say to all those missing the parades and the bands that this could be a glimpse into the future. Before Covid19 most people took day to day life for granted, the bandsmen and women could’nt wait for the marching season but alot of bands numbers are down with people turning away from the traditions of the past and some bands folding.

Working class communities, mother and fathers even Orangemen dont seem to promote the bands like before. We have used this lockdown to think about why this is happening.

The best ideas we can come up with is people are far busier these days and with so much to do the bands seem to be pushed to the back. People are also starting to believe the republican media that demonises everything loyalist at every opportunity.

This is in stark contrast to the republican community where they promote the church, GAA, paramilitaries and hatred of all things British.

We would like to make something clear to all parents out there, the bands are a safe environment where we promote Britishness, but its about us not others. We celebrate our history and our culture this should not be offensive to anyone. We also teach people to play instuments to a high level from beginners, completely free.

If you live in Mid and East Antrim and are interested yourself, or your a parent ,grandparent, uncle or aunt and you know someone who might be interested, forward there details on and we will get in touch with them no commitment. We are still recruiting during this difficult time so saving our culture starts with YOU.

Published on the 19th of April 2020
Article taken from Cairncastle Facebook Page

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