Banding together to parcel up some kindness in Carrickfergus

Over 100 packages containing essential items were handed out to elderly and vulnerable people in the Carrickfergus area.

The initiative was organised by Carrickfergus Defenders Flute Band.

Shops around Northern Ireland have experienced a shortage of essential stock due to ‘panic buying’ over fears that the coronavirus Covid-19 may spread.

Essentials were donated by members of the band, the public and businesses in Carrickfergus.

The band initially planned on giving out around 20 packages but managed to fill 100.

Thanks go to Frozen Blitz and Centra Prince Andrew Way for their kind donations as well as those in the community who donated.

“Please have a long hard look at these photos, all this bulk buying and emptying shelves is affecting these people the hardest and they are struggling to get access to the basics they need.

“We had pensioners in tears today because they have been struggling and such a small gesture means so much to them.

“Chances are, this situation we find ourselves in will only get worse, and we all need to reach out to those of us in our own areas who need help the most to offer help and support,” said Marc Collins from the band.

The band plans to continue to help out

Ballymoney Hockey Club has also demonstrated its generosity by giving to local people in need.

Published on the 15th of March 2020
Article taken from the South Antrim Vox

Published on the 17th of July 2020
Article taken from the News Letter

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