Statement from Pride of Govan Flute Band

The Pride of Govan Flute Band are disgusted at the statement released by Glasgow City Council. We have been in constant dialogue with GCC since Monday and at no time have we intimated that there would be any violence or disorder if our Parade was to be cancelled.

We were asked by Mhairi Miller (GCC Lawyer) if we would consider postponing our Parade by several weeks, we asked for assurances that if we postponed to a new date would we be granted the same route that we have marched for the past 26 years. This was denied us as Mhairi Miller informed us that GCC could not commit to such assurances. Therefore yes, we declined to cancel. We were later asked by GCC if we would agree to a change of route which we accepted and agreed to, we were then approached by Police Scotland and asked to reroute again to take us further from our traditional route, which we reluctantly accepted and again…..agreed to.

We are as much a part of the Govan community as anyone else is and should be afforded the same rights as others without predudice or discrimination by a Nationalist GCC.

We would ask GCC and Police Scotland……who are making these threat’s of violence and disorder? Surely if Police Scotland are aware of people making threats then they should do their job and deal with the individuals accordingly.

What our city does not need is GCC and certain sections of the media releasing statements without justifiable evidence or proof to support their comments.

Scaremongering and trying to stir up religious hatred helps no one except the media to get more views and sales, as for GCC, it’s obvious why they have issues with any group who are loyal to the Union.

On Saturday we will have our parade, we will lay our wreath and we will pay our respects to the fallen servicemen of our community.
We would again ask that anyone attending our parade does so with respect and decorum.

Published on the 19th of September 2019
Article taken from the Pride of Govan Flute Band Facebook Page

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