Statement from Articlave Flute Band

Over the last few years as many people are aware ‘Articlave Flute Band’ has struggled with low numbers in our ranks. The band has been getting smaller and smaller with times becoming increasingly difficult, but we have still managed to get a band on the road and attend as many commitments as possible to support our important tradition and heritage.

We have always prided ourselves in being a part music band but unfortunately with a decline in numbers and with no new members joining it has made it difficult for us to keep this tradition up.

As a band we decided on Monday 16th September 2019 at our Annual General Meeting instead of letting our history come to an end, we would simply change our style in which we are going to re-structure from a part music flute band to a melody plus flute band. We will still be carrying out our usual high standards of a military style band and playing familiar marches that people know us for along with adding a few new ones.

As a band we feel going forward into the future that this is a positive move for the band in which all band members are excited by the challenge ahead. We would like to take this opportunity to encourage and invite anyone from the local community and surrounding areas who wish to give this new venture a go to feel free to come along and see what direction we are moving in and be a part of Articlave Flute Band (Band Practice is every Monday night at 7.30pm in Articlave Orange Hall).

We would also like to ask any fellow bands men or bands women if they would know anyone or any band that would be willing and able to lend us a few B Flat Flutes for a few weeks so we can get moving in the right direction. This would enable us to get practices underway learning B Flat Flutes until we have our new flutes made to order.

As a band we would be very grateful and appreciate any help or advice possible.

“Nec Aspera Terrent” : By Difficulties Undaunted

Published on the 19th September 2019
Article taken from Articlave Flute Band Facebook Page

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