Statement from the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland

Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland support for Scottish Orangeism

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has affirmed its support for Scottish Orangeism following a decision by Glasgow City Council to prohibit a number of parades planned for this weekend.

A spokesman said: “We can fully appreciate the frustration and sadness currently being experienced by our Scottish brethren. For many years, the Orange Institution in Northern Ireland has been the victim of similar, politically motivated decisions. The rights of peaceful assembly and religious expression should be cherished by all and protected by those elected to represent all strands of civic society.
“Unfortunately, it appears that the threat of violence by those opposed to peaceful parades has again triumphed. Too often, law abiding citizens have witnessed their rights and cultural identity being eroded in order to placate those who hate all that our Institution represents. It is ironic that the very freedoms delivered by the Glorious Revolution in 1688 are now being withheld from those who seek to cherish and commemorate it.
“In solidarity with our Orange brothers and sisters, we therefore fully support Saturday’s planned peaceful protest in Glasgow organised by Scottish Protestants Against Discrimination.
“We trust that the event will cause the relevant authorities to listen to and appreciate the concerns and frustrations of those affected.”

Published on the 14th of September 2019
Article taken from the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland Facebook Page

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