Statement from Bridgeton Protestant Boys Flute Band

Bridgeton Protestant Boys Flute Band condemns the decision taken by Glasgow City Council yesterday in their decision to cancel our parade this weekend in Bridgeton.

Like others of the Protestant community we are disgusted by the late decision issued by Glasgow City Council not only to cancel our parade, but, other Loyalist parades planned for this weekend too.

The Current SNP Administration of Glasgow City Council and the SNP Scottish government cannot be allowed to continue to eradicate our rights to a peaceful assembly and the right to parade, this is covered within the European Convention of Human Rights, and Glasgow city council has just broken this right.

We the Protestant Community, Bandsmen, and Loyal Orders are law abiding citizens of our communities, we have the right to be treated fairly, instead of being treated like an inadequate within our City or communities.

The parade organised by Bridgeton Protestant Boys would not have passed through the city as this was to be a local parade in Bridgeton. It would have caused very minimal disruption to the community and in our opinion would not have been the subject to any protest

Where is Police Scotland’s intelligence coming from.

This Saturday 14th September, Bridgeton Protestant Boys Flute Band will be standing shoulder to shoulder with all Loyalist Organisations at the Scottish Protestants Against Discrimination (SPAD) protest that is being held at Glasgow City Chambers at 09.45.

We want to appeal to the Protestant Community to join with us at this protest and ask that you do so with dignity and accord as we always do.

Published on the 12th of September 2019
Article taken from the Bridgeton Protestant Boys Flute Band Facebook Page

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