Statement from the SAC ABOD

Dear Brother Secretary,

The Worthy Chairman, Bro. Thomas Porteous, and the Executive Officers Bearers have instructed me to send the below information as a matter of urgency. Can you please cascade to all of your club members by whatever means necessary.

Yesterday Nationalist Councillor’s in Scotland aided by Police Scotland attacked democracy. Anti-Unionist Councillor’s yesterday abused the law, as we see it, and enforced prohibition orders on a number of Loyalist Parades due to take place this weekend.

The ABOD Association in Scotland have played no part in the recent incidents in Glasgow over the past few weeks and indeed months but we have watched with enormous interest as tension’s grow, unnecessarily, within our communities.
Whilst the recent move by Glasgow City Council was not to ban any ABOD parades this weekend we cannot be complacent and must stand united with the other Loyal Orders, Protestant Groups and PUL community more than ever.

The ABOD calls upon all members to resist any attempts to suppress our community, curtail our culture or even stop us from having a voice.

“This Saturday, as Chairman of the SAC ABOD, I will be standing side by side with a recently established group – Scottish Protestants Against Discrimination (SPAD) and I call on our members to get behind this event and join us at 9:45am as we meet to protest outside the City Chambers in Glasgow.
This is not a parade that requires notice, instead, this will be a peaceful assembly under the Human Rights Act.
Come along, be seen, wear your colours and let it be known that we will not be bullied of our City streets.

We ask that as many of you support this on Saturday as possible. Doing nothing is now not an option!!

I hope to see you all on Saturday.


Published on the 12th of September 2019
Article taken from the Paisley Mitchelburne ABOD Facebook Page

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