Statement from Scottish Protestants against Discrimination


In light of todays violation of Human Rights by Glasgow City Councils (GCC) decision to withdraw the applications for two band parades and tow Orange Order parades, scheduled for Saturday 14th Sept, the time has definitely now come for answers.

GCC has now facilitated several events in support of the IRA over the past few weeks, yet, has decided to withdraw applications for four parades which do not support, nor condone, terrorism.

GCC and the media continue to spin dangerous lies that Loyal Order parades are the same as parades glorifying terrorism. This is fallacy.

It is widely known by GCC of the potential for disorder at two Irish Republican parades and ceremonies on Friday 30th August & Saturday 7th September. In spite of this, the processions were allowed to go ahead.

Questions must now be asked of GCC, as to why they flew in the face of Police Scotland by granting permission for public processions, which glorified foreign terrorism, yet they are prohibiting standard Loyal Order parades.

GCC must, once again, be held accountable and on Saturday we will be demanding answers.

Published on the 11th of September 2019
Statement taken from the Scottish Protestants against Discrimination Facebook Page

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