Statement from Pride of the North Flute Band

The band are saddened to learn this evening that our anniversary parade scheduled to take place on Saturday 14th September has been banned by Glasgow city council on the advice of police Scotland.

The reason given is that there would be a high likelihood of counter protests. In the 35 years that the band have been in existence we are not aware of any protests against our band whilst on parade.

Over the last couple of weeks, 3 separate parades organised by republicans have been facilitated by Glasgow city council. The last two which took place on Saturday 7th of September were granted in the full knowledge of the council that there would be protests and the high likelihood of violence. The amount of police mobilised would testify to that. We are of the opinion that violence was the outcome that was expected by the council and indeed welcomed, in order that they could use this violence as an excuse to ban parades by bands and the loyal orders. it is no secret that Glasgow council have been trying to curb our parades for a number of years. And this is their latest tactic.

Everyone has a fundamental right to public procession. Likewise, everyone has a right to peaceful protest. To use the excuse that there is a likelihood of protest against a parade in order to ban that parade is fundamentally flawed and Glasgow city council are going down a dangerous road.

The Pride of the north flute band will work with all bands and loyal orders to challenge these decisions.

On Saturday the 14th of September. A protest had already been organised by Scottish protestants against discrimination. (SPAD). This protest will take place at the city chambers at 10.00 am.

The members of Pride of the North flute band will be joining this protest and we ask all those who intended to support our parade to assemble at the city chambers instead.

President Pride of the North flute band

Published on the 11th of September 2019
Article taken from the Pride of the North Flute Band Facebook Page

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