Statement from Glasgow Flute Band Association

On behalf of Glasgow Flute Band On behalf of Glasgow Flute Band Association we are disgusted by today’s decision by GCC to withdraw the parade application for two of our member bands.

Both band’s in question have no history of any trouble at their past parades and have no evidence of any trouble or protest in the future.

This decision by GCC is part of a concerted effort to reduce the number of parades across the city, which has been part of their ongoing drum beat! They have used the issues caused by allowing parades in support of illegal terrorist organisations to do so.

Neither of Saturdays parades would have passed through the city as they were both scheduled to be local parades, therefore would have caused minor disruption, and neither would have been the subject of any such protest.

GCC have created this issue and have to be held accountable for their actions.

Glasgow Flute Band Association will stand by their member bands and do our utmost to support going forward.

This coming Saturday, we ask for all loyalist bands to support SPADs protest and to stand side by side with Pride of the North and Bridgeton Protestant Boys.

Published on the 11th of September 2019
Statement taken from the Scottish Protestants against Discrimination Facebook Page

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