Statement issued by Pride of Ardoyne

Today the band attended the royal black parade and thugs attempted to rip the bannerette from our band the Pride of Ardoyne FB as the band paraded up High Street on the RBP return parade.

We the PRIDE of Ardoyne defended our colours and seen those rebels and these thugs off they tried to attack other people on the parade but they were who also chased of by supporters of the band.

Questions need to be asked about PSNI response time on a security controlled parade through the centre of Belfast.

Again the Pride of Ardoyne will not be demonised by the media for defending them themselves from attack but with no condemnation of those who attacked a peaceful parade.

We the POA will continue to walk the queens highway remain loyal to the crown and hold our heads up high as we do so.

Published on the 31st August 2019
Article taken from the Pride of Ardoyne Colour Party Facebook Page

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  1. This is a disgrace that a band who is in a legal parade and is attacked and provoked
    They acted well to defend themselves
    But the question is were was the police
    This is now becoming a habit of the psni
    Not showing up for parades
    I have been in two. Parades in Lisburn this year and they didn’t show up at all

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