Statement from Clyde Valley Flute Band (The Gun Runners) – Further Clarification

Last evening 15th August 2019 Officers of CVFB attended a meeting with representatives of Rathcoole Campsie Branch Club and Representatives of the ABOD General Committee.

The band put forward their concerns and the concerns of the wider community robustly to the representatives of ABOD around Saturday’s events and the subsequent media tirade which has ensued. All parties acknowledged that lessons have been learned following Saturdays events, and agreed a united approach to work collaboratively as a PUL community going forward. The mischievous and malevolent intentions of a biased media seek to cause disharmony and division amongst our community with misleading headlines and twisted words. This must be challenged at all levels and not given the oxygen it craves.

The actions of the PSNI on Saturday have led us to where we are today, but in light of the fact that the members of the band are currently facing prosecution, we will be making no comment around the disproportionate policing operation on Saturday until due process has finished.

Republican leaders choose to pontificate around the wearing of legitimate military emblems, whilst simultaneously defending Republican displays and glorification of terroists. We must not allow this abject rewriting of history to continue.

CVFB have take a position that on balance, and after airing our views and listening to the answers, rationale and lessons learned approach at last evenings meeting, that our community is stronger united and in that regard we will continue our association with Rathcoole Campsie ABOD Branch Club.

Published on the 16th August 2019

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