Statement on behalf of the ABOD Association

At the Relief of Londonderry Commemorations on Saturday 10th August, an incident took place with the Clyde Valley Flute Band with regards to an emblem on the bands shirt sleeve.

The Officers of General Committee had no prior knowledge of the Band uniform or this incident until the conclusion of the main parade at Bonds Street. We recognise that this may have upset many in the Nationalist community.

Our focus at this parade is to commemorate the Siege and the relief of the city in 1689 and in no way should it be used as a means to heighten tensions in a shared City.

The Apprentice Boys of Derry Association must express our great disappointment at the continual referance by PSNI officers to an alleged agreement about symbols supporting the Parachute regiment.


We would never place our marshalls under such difficult circumstances. We also believe the actions of the Police in dealing with the band were extremely heavy handed.

A lot of hard work has been contributed towards ensuring peaceful parades over many years. We wish to continue with this constructive dialogue to ensure that good will and understanding prevails.

We also wish to ensure that our City continues to lead in promoting reconcilliation and as a model of respect to all communities.

Published on the 14th August 2019

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