Press Release – Clyde Valley Flute Band

Reevey Solicitors statement.

Press Release on behalf of Clyde Valley
Flute Band (The Gunrunners)

We have been instructed by the officers of the Clyde Valley Flute Band, also know as, “The Gun Runners,” concerning the events following a parade in Londonderry on Saturday 10 August 2019.

The display of a Parachute Regiment insignia and expression of support for Soldier F on the sleeve of the band’s uniforms, which is only visible at conversation distance, appears to have caused some controversy.

The officers of the band wish to correct any false impression which may be held regarding the band’s uniform being deliberately provocative and specifically designed for the parade in Londonderry. The uniform in question has been worn on many previous occasions without incident or controversy.

The Gun Runners believe that their expression of support for Soldier F is a legitimately held view which they are entitled to hold. The officers of the band now invite the police you’ve real and practical effect to their right to freedom of expression during the course of the investigation.

The Gun Runners believe that their detention by police was unlawful. A PSNI officer confirmed with a solicitor of this office that no statement of complaint relating to the conduct of the band had been received by the police at the time of their detention.

We are of the view that no offence has been committed by the band or any member of it, nor could the police have formed any reasonable suspicion that an offence had been committed.

Notwithstanding the above, the Gun Runners will co-operate fully with the police in relation to this matter. However, consideration will now be given to making a complaint to the Police Ombudsman in relation to the conduct of the police officers involved in the unlawful detention of their members.

Published on the 12th August 2019
Article taken from the East Antrim LOL 1101 Facebook Page

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  1. Shocking that in this day and age that the PSNI/ira n their appeasers are upset with a badge on a shirt when they run away n hide from the upstart republican/nationalists in the new lodge area, violence and intimidation again is their only agenda

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