Update on attack on Orange Brethren at Drumcree protest

Statement from Portadown District LOL No.1

On Sunday 4 August following the usual protest at the police line at Drumcree the Brethren were returning up the hill from the police line at apporx 1.10pm when they were confronted by a silver Seat car coming down the hill the direction of the church.

The parade slowed to a halt to await direction from the police officer in charge as the District Officers were surprised to see the car as each week police management prevents cars coming to this point.
The Seat slowed down and then accelerated moving off while Orange Brethren remonstrated with the driver to stop and during this process one member was struck by the vehicle receiving injuries. The vehicle stopped, but as the police officer approached it again moved off hitting the officer and failing to stop.

The Seat car drove off at speed in the direction of Garvaghy Road and according to the police was found later at Churchill Park.

It was stated there were three occupants in the car and it has since been reported one person believed to Be the driver has been arrested.

The District Master of Portadown District has offered his sympathy to those who were injured in the wanton act of violence and expressed the hope of their speedy recovery.

He continued “The weekly Drumcree protest will take place as usual next Sunday and as many Brethren as possible are asked to attend to show their revulsion at today’s attack.”

Published on the 4th of August 2019
Article taken from the Portadown Orange District LOL 1 Facebook Page

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