Clyde Valley Flute Band to hold parade

Clyde Valley Flute Band will be hosting its annual parade on Saturday evening April 20.

The band will depart the Rangers’ Club alone at 7.00 pm, making its way to Larne Market Yard via Old Glenarm Road, Agnew Street, Main Street, Lower Cross Street, Point Street and Bridge Street.

The main parade will then leave the market yard at around 7.30pm and make its way back to Larne Rangers’ Club, via Tullygarley, Bridge Street, Main Street, Agnew Street, Old Glenarm Road and Herbert Avenue.

The parade will coincide with the anniversary of the arrival of the SS Clyde Valley steamship in Larne on April 25 1914 laden with rifles and ammunition from Germany for the Ulster Volunteer Force.

Published on the 17th of April 2019
Article taken from the Larne Times

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