Police warn of road closures ahead of marches by Orange Order

Renfrewshire is set to see several road closures on Saturday as Orange Order parades involving thousands of marchers take place.

Public processions will be taking place in Johnstone and surrounding villages as well as Linwood as part of the annual Battle of the Boyne celebrations.

The marches in Johnstone and the villages will begin early in the morning with a band leaving Kilbarchan at 8.30am via Steeple Square then onto Ewing Street.

A short pause will take place at Kilbarchan Cenotaph to lay a wreath, then the band will continue along High Barholm, Low Barholm, Easwald Bank, Kilbarchan Road, Graham Street, McDowall Street, High Street and Laighcartside Street congregating with other bands in Johnstone.

A march will also be held in Linwood at 8am, leaving Napier Street heading onto Bridge Street, Moss Road, Brediland Road, Erskinefauld Road, Clippens Road. Coaches will transport Orangemen to Laighcartside Street, Johnstone.

Another band in Johnstone will leave from John Lang Street at 9am heading along Ellerslie Street, onto Thornbrae, the High Street then onto Laighcartside Street where they will join other local lodges for a District parade.

The combined group will leave Laighcartside Street via Russell Street, Ellerslie Street, Thornbrae onto the High Street.

A short pause will take place at the Cenotaph to lay another wreath.

The Orangemen will then leave the High Street, head along MacDowall Street, Graham Street, Quarrelton Road and will regroup in Thomas Shanks Park for the main parade.

The main parade will leave the park at 11.30am via Quarrelton Road, North Road, Park Road, Campbell Street, Dimity Street, Bankside Avenue, Canal Avenue, Canal Street and back onto the High Street.

The group will then lay a final wreath at the War Memorial.

The march will continue along Macdowall Street, Graham Street, Quarrelton Road and head back to the public park.

The park is expected to be empty by approximately 2.30pm when a smaller, final march via Quarrelton Road, Graham Street, Macdowall Street, High Street, Laighcartside Street takes place with the march ending at Russell Street.

Published on the 28th June 2018
Article taken from the The Gazette

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