Lodge Life: Swiss attorney joins ‘vibrant’ Dublin lodge

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland’s international appeal is well established – underlined by the initiation of a new member into its ranks from Switzerland!

Marc Schmid, an attorney, based in the federal republic but with American and Hungarian roots, recently joined Dublin and Wicklow LOL 1313.

The newcomer first became interested in Orangeism after visiting the Irish capital five years ago and participating in a loyalist walking tour of the city.

“I realised that Dublin had a plethora of historic and indeed beautiful British symbolism, but too realised very quickly that most tourists miss that,” Marc said.

A journey of discovery commenced, within which Marc began to find out more about the Orange tradition, and soon found himself developing an affinity with it. Contact with the Dublin and Wicklow Orange lodge began and progressed, until after a significant period of time his candidature was accepted.

A number of weeks ago after flying in especially from Switzerland, Marc was formally initiated into the lodge.

The proud Orangeman reflected on a “fantastic day”, remarking on the fellowship afterwards with “so many friendly brethren taking their time to chat with me about the Orange Order and other interests we shared, such as sports and politics”.

Since taking an interest in Orangeism, Marc has also become an avid Northern Ireland football fan, travelling across Europe to attend matches.

Worshipful master of LOL 1313, Dr Chris McGimpsey, said it was “an honour that Marc should decide to join Dublin and Wicklow lodge”.

He said: “We are a vibrant lodge and are now seeking other international members. Marc had already read a considerable amount about our institution and I am sure he will prove to be a valuable member.”

Meanwhile, during a visit to Dublin on the same day as Mr Schmid’s initiation, members of an east Belfast lodge paid their respects to those who lost their lives during the First World War.

Marking the centenary year of Armistice, brethren from Witherow Memorial LOL 1337 laid a wreath at the city’s Mount Street Bridge, honouring all those from across the island of Ireland who served and died in the Great War.

Last year, Dublin lodge presented a special roll of honour, commemorating the service and sacrifice of Orangemen from the city to the Museum of Orange Heritage.

The memorial pays tribute to the bravery of over 300 brethren who fought for King and country a century ago.

Next month, the Belfast museum will officially open its ‘Service and Sacrifice’ exhibition, recognising and detailing the contribution of the institution, and individual personalities, to the wider war effort.

Published on the 8th of March 2018
Article taken from the News Letter

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