Traffic and travel for Lundy Day parades

The annual Shutting of the Gates ceremony takes place in Londonderry tomorrow, the first Saturday in December.

The celebrations open with the symbolic firing of a cannon on the Walls at midnight tonight.

There are minor traffic restrictions in place to accommodate the parade, although no roads will be closed.

From 11.30am all visiting clubs will march off from the Waterside Railway Station via Duke Street, Craigavon Bridge, Carlisle Road, Hawking Street, London Street, Bishop Street, Palace Street, finishing outside the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall in Society Street where a salute will be taken by the Governor and officers of the General Committee.

From 1.15pm the main parade will leave Society Street headed by officers of General Committee.

The parade will go via Bishop Street, The Diamond (clockwise) Ferryquay Street, Carlisle Road, Wapping Lane, Kennedy Street, Hawkin Street, London Street. Finishing in the grounds of St Columb’s Cathedral.

At 2pm the Service of Thanksgiving is held in St Columb’s Cathedral. At the conclusion of the service a wreath will be laid by the officers of the host Parent Club and at the Siege Heroes Mound in the cathedral grounds.

At 3pm the parade will reform on Bishop Street and parade via the earlier route in reverse.

The parade will conclude in Bishop Street at the effigy of Lundy the Traitor and which will then be set alight around 4pm.

From 4.30pm visiting clubs return to the Waterside via Bishops Street, Hawkin Street, Carlisle Road, Craigavon Bridge and Duke Street returning to the Waterside Railway Station.

Published on the 1st if December 2017
Article taken from the News Letter

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