Armagh True Blues Statement

Statemant made in June:
REMINDER:- Just re-confirming that Armagh True Blues are NOT holding our Annual band parade this Sat 10th June. Please spread the word, we don’t want any bands arriving with a wasted journey.

Statement made in April:
It is with regret that Armagh True Blues inform you that, at the current time we do not expect to hold our Annual band parade in 2017. This is due to the increasing struggle to complete 40 plus band parades in a season.

So as a result we will be reducing our parade list in the season ahead. We hope this to be a one off year for these measures, but see it as necessary to regroup and safeguard our future.

We will be getting in touch with a number of bands in the coming weeks with reference to us holding a cultural day/night that we intend to hold instead of our parade this year.
Going forward we hope to support as many bands as we can this season and hopefully be in a position in 2018 to return to a full schedule and a parade in Armagh as we would celebrate our 40th anniversary year.

Article taking from Armagh True Blues Facebook Page.

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