Orange Lodge Donation not accepted

Members of an Orange Lodge from Stirling, have worked tirelessly to raise money for numerous charities and individuals throughout the years. From all the events they have organised and took part in, the money and the work that the members has put in can only be commended. The Orange Lodge raised £3400.00 for one charity alone namely Strathcarron Hospice which is such a worth while cause.

This time around the lodge members thought it would be worth while to raise money for kids who have special needs … only to be told that the charity cannot accept their £1000 donation.

In the letter Phil Cummins from Adult Support & Protection, partnership (Mental Health, Learning Disability) Clackmannanshire and Stirling Councils wrote;

We would like to express our thanks for your offer to donate £1000 from your fundraising activites to the Riverbank Centre, but unfortunately we are not in a position to accept it.
As a local authority run facility we must carefully consider all such offers to make sure that they reflect our responsibility to serve the interests of everyone within the community. We cannot be seen to endorse or benefit from an organisationwhich some might perceive as not being fully inclusive.
We do hope that you understand our position on this, and thank you again for considering the centre in your fundraising activities.

William, a member of Stirling Orange Lodge quoted “This has never happened before, for all the charities we have donated to they have warmly welcomed our donation’s such as Down Syndrome, Soldiers off the Street, Brucefields Children’s Home to name but a few. I am totally shocked as to other members of the Lodge”.

Stirling Orange Lodge are seeking advice on this matter.

Published on the 12th of March 2016

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  1. Disgusting but it’s what I’ve come to expect from beaurocratic bodies such as this, who climb upon their pedestal and spew the party line, a politically correct diatribe of meaningless garbage and expect everyone else to swallow it, so let them go ahead with cutting off their nose to spite their face and remember charity always begins at home, No Surrender!

  2. One of our lodges lol122 in our district 47 central Scotland gave a cheque to their local church and the minister sent it back because it came from the Orange Order how’s that

  3. This happened a few years back when Capability Scotland also refused a donation from the Organization, Shameless with a problem !!

  4. Don’t knock a gift horse in the mouth! Again the people who could of got the benifts from this generous offer will miss wish they got the last say and not them!
    I hope their all willing to put £1000 in out their own pockets so that the kids don’t miss out on a generous offer doubt it tho their takers not givers!

  5. Walk away give to anyone else they should hang there heads in shame next thing you ‘ll hear is it has to close as short of funds you no who runs that council

  6. Well personally if they don’t want to help there own mentally ill because of where the donations have come from well folk whos really the mentality ill as well as sectarians and the public and under the impression that it’s the order that have a problem well helloooo would this kind of behaviour people in glass house’s shouldn’t throw stones wake up . Anyway I am going to ask it be donated to another worthwhile cause and that my friend’s is my son’s school for special needs which is called : Ogilvie school campus, Ogilvie Way ,Knightsridge, Livingston EH54 8HL As they need to replace some of the outdoor activities and would love to have a small vegetable garden where the kids are doing a life skills and helping them to try there vegetables they have grown themselves as there diets are not so good thank you SIS A BARRETT LLOL 31

  7. Scandalous!! how can they turn a donation of this amount down,simply because it is from the Orange Institution. Surely the money was for the children a disgrace

  8. I’ve said before maybe Strathcarron hospice could use a donation or maybe the childrens ward at Stirling royle. These people who refused this money should take abloody good look at themselves

  9. Shame on them, who are these people to decide on where the money comes from. Firstly the donations are not for them they are for the kids in need and i think that the charity need to have a look at the decision makers of the organisation and get them out. Should be about the kids not the politics….


  11. Afternoon folks

    That is not a charity it is Council run and they have very stupid rules and regulations about accepting donations from anyone

    Still you could get round it by donating toys or something
    And keep up the good work

  12. I am so shocked about this the orange institute is a Christian faith and do a lot of good work for charities doesn’t matter what religion we are everybody at sometime in there lives are affected one way or another with different illness

  13. Scandalous desicion who’s kidding who here!! all donations from all religions should be acknowledged for such a worthy cause , hang your heads in shame ,well done the Orange Order for a fantastic gesture sadly for the kids in will not be put to your good cause. ..

  14. Totally disgusting to refuse a brilliant donation just because of there religious views obviously the charity has git to much money as it is that tha can refuse a donation like that obviously the charity does not care at all about the wellbeing of the client tha look after SHOKING

  15. This is a f** joke do they not realise the orange order is also a christian think they don’t want £1000 pound to help young kids tells me one thing. And that’s that they don’t want to upset the bigoted friends who are against the orange order

  16. I can only guess that they do not need any money. If that is the case then they are something of an unknown entity in Scotland. It is disgraceful to think that any charity would refuse a gift of this magnitude simply because it comes from the Orange Institution. The charity should be ashamed of the attitude they display.

  17. Absolutely disgusting a charity turning down money that could help children with special needs just because it’s from the Orange Order would be interesting to know if they would turn down donations from other religious organisations?? Poor children have to suffer because of this the charity should hang it’s head in shame

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